Margaret O'Hair | Malibu Wish
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Malibu Wish

MALIBU WISH … novel coming out late 2017.

That time wishes came true on Malibu Road.
Anything can happen in Malibu. . .as the cottage turns.
When time and place could change or stand still.
When I didn’t forget you because you were all I wanted to remember.

On earth as it is in Malibu, love should be personal.
Just begin.
It starts with the water.
Beyond the blue is the voice.
Where you can say what is on your mind and where the walls talk and the stars shimmer down like rain, and love always wins.

Your heart map is called Journey Home. But the blessing of that is that you are always home, when you know you are on your journey. It isn’t a secret that you can only buy if you have a zillion dollars. It’s just how it is when you are a human and you look at life in front of you and make the choices to step this way, or that.

I think we learn new roads and learn new ways on our map.
Glitter is a great thing to throw on it by the way. By all ways, throw the glitter. On the highways. On the sideways. On the trailways, the mountainways, the carriageways, the entranceways, the steerageways, the hideaways. . .cover them all with the fling of glitter.

Glitter will help you find the breakaways. Those are your takeaways.
Shiny and sparkly takeaways. . .
You just have to keep moving.
Keep moving.
X does not only mark the spot.
X crosses out what you can compartmentalize, and put away.

The stars are up there for everyone.
There are different ways to get to the same place.
Beach time is different than real time.
And what happens at the beach, stays at the beach.
Until you have to take something away with you,
That Malibu Wish.