Margaret O'Hair | About Me
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About Me

What to say?  I’m Margaret O’Hair, and I go by Meg.  I’ve been married to Mark O’Hair for all the best nights and days of my life.  I’m a mom, kindergarten teacher, and a writer.   I love dogs, the beach, and yoga.  Other things that are fun are movies, and checking my email.  My life and my relationships are always living, breathing documents that I try to give my best to every day.  Besides the energy we put into our lives, the world edits our experiences, and I believe that we have to hang on to the things we believe are most important in the world.

It’s important to me to write about things of meaning and value.  My latest picture book, LOVE SOFIA, is illustrated with real life photographs of Sofia and her amazing life.  Most of those photographs are taken by professional photographers, who graciously gave us permission to use them for the book.

My other picture books: TWIN TO TWIN, MY PUP, MY KITTEN, SWEET BABY FEET, and STAR BABY are in all in rhyme with bright, gorgeous illustrations from different talented artists, chosen by the publishers. My picture books reflect everyday adventures of things important to children.   I hope you check them out and that they can be part of your story book time with your family!

MALIBU WISH is my novel, out this 2017 Holiday Season.  It’s an epic love-story spanning generations from the 80’s to present day.  I’m self-publishing it, and while I know that will be challenging, I believe that is the journey this book is supposed to take.  Please look for it on Amazon, where you can buy it in soft cover edition OR for your Kindle.

I’ve spoken and presented at many different kinds of events.  My talks and workshops are on Writing, Holding On To What You Love In A Crazy World, and Family Literacy With Kids.   I’d love to talk to you about presenting to your group!  If you would like to get in touch with me, check out the info on my contact page.

Here on my blog, I’m talking life, writing, dogs, sometimes amazing products, and book reviews if there are books I fall in love with.   My blog is my place to think out loud, to celebrate, to vent, to share, to sometimes ask you what you think.  I’m thankful if you choose to join me for this path, and appreciate all your comments and your ideas that you share back.

Thanks for stopping by.  Remember, YOU are be you tiful!  Hold on to the things you love with both hands and don’t let them go!