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A Letter From Me To You

30 Jul A Letter From Me To You

I grew up in a single parent family, and learned early on about the value of money.    Dollars were few and far between and we had to make them count.  This still is with me, and when someone chooses to purchase one of my books, I consider it a compliment and I am thankful.

Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, a librarian or a friend … if you are reading this, I can tell you know  how important books are in the world of children.  Books create dreams.  They are windows for imagination.  They are stories that build a setting for important conversations to happen.

My picture books rhyme.  They have bright and colorful illustrations.  As you read the book, you’ll find yourself saying the words with the sing-song ambiance that the rhythm creates.   Even very small children will begin to speak some of the words as they listen to the familiarity of the rhyming text.

As well, the happenings in every one of my books are taken from things that happen in the everyday world of children.  You will find they’ll delight in talking about what happens in the story because they can relate to the events.

It’s my wish that my books help create some special memories of storytime for you and your child.  And my hope is that you enjoy reading these books as much as the children enjoy listening to them.

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